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Pearson Property Services and Construction, under PEARSON GROUP, We Invest, Build, and Manage  your property. Our commitment to excellence shines through skillful investment strategies, expert construction services, and proficient property management, ensuring clients a seamless and successful journey in the real estate and construction sectors.

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Design & Planning

At Pearson we acknowledge the vital role of effective design and planning for project success, emphasizing compliance with zoning requirements in both the design and execution of infrastructure projects.


A construction project within the Pearson Group must align with the legal framework governing the property, encompassing government regulations and construction-related obligations.

Property Management

Pearson Group’s expertise lies in comprehensive property management and marketing services, guaranteeing effective property management and promotion to maximize its value.

Professional Staff

Pearson Property Services and Construction’s expert staff excels in property management and construction for exceptional results.

On Time Completion

Pearson Property Services and Construction guarantees on-time completion, delivering your projects with precision and efficiency.

Save Time and Money

Choose Pearson Property Services and Construction to save time and money while receiving top-notch property solutions.

No Hidden Cost

At Pearson Property Services and Construction, we pride ourselves on transparency, ensuring no hidden costs in your project.

Detailed Estimated

At Pearson Property Services and Construction, we provide detailed estimates to ensure transparency and accuracy in every project.

Zero Complaints

Pearson Property Services and Construction upholds a flawless record with zero complaints, showcasing our unwavering dedication.

About Us x

We aim to establish and sustain positive landlord-tenant partnerships by promoting consistent communication among our team, property owners, and tenants. This collaborative approach not only streamlines property management but also ensures that construction work-related concerns are effectively addressed, facilitating the overall well-being, convenience, and satisfaction of all parties involved.

Our Vision

We aspire to evolve into a trusted, forward-thinking company, offering inventive real estate solutions and profitable investment opportunities, prioritizing reliability and efficiency in all we do.

Our Mission

Pearson Property Services strives to enhance client earnings through excellent property management expertise, emphasizing tenant contentment via top-notch maintenance, nurturing robust owner-tenant bonds.

Our Skills x

General Consulting

Construction Management

Design & Build

Property Management

Our Services

General Consulting

Pearson Property Services offers expert General Consulting for efficient and cost-effective real estate project planning and execution.

Construction Management

Pearson Property Services and Construction excels in Construction Management, ensuring on-time, on-budget, and high-quality project delivery.

Design and Build

At Pearson we specializes in Design and Build, seamlessly integrating creative design with efficient construction, delivering exceptional results.

Preconstruction Consulting

Pearson Group excels in Preconstruction Consulting, providing expert guidance in planning, budgeting, and strategizing for successful project outcomes.

Property Marketing & Management

Pearson Property Services and Construction excels in Property Marketing & Management, optimizing property value and ensuring seamless operations.

Site Clearance & Renovations

We’re experts in Site Clearance & Renovations, offering comprehensive solutions to transform and rejuvenate spaces effectively, enhancing their functionality and appeal.

Our Projects x

Our Process x

  • Design
  • Preparation
  • Construction
  • Revision
  • Finalization
Design: The first step in the Pearson Group's process involves collaborative planning with clients to outline project goals and objectives. Design lays the foundation for the entire project, ensuring that all stakeholders have a clear vision of the final outcome.
Preparation: In the Preparation phase, the team conducts meticulous research, resource allocation, and logistical planning. This step ensures that all necessary materials, equipment, and skilled personnel are in place and ready for the construction phase.
Construction: The heart of the process, Construction, is where the project takes physical form. Skilled professionals bring the design to life, focusing on quality workmanship and attention to detail to meet the project's specifications.
Revision: After construction, the Revision phase involves rigorous quality checks and assessments. Any necessary modifications or refinements are made to ensure the project aligns with the client's expectations and quality standards.
Finalization: In the Finalization stage, client satisfaction takes center stage. This step involves fine-tuning all project elements, addressing any remaining issues, and ensuring that the project is delivered successfully and seamlessly, meeting the client's requirements and objectives.

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